The Runestad Record

Protecting Our Liberties

  • Passed the Preservation of Liberty resolution opposing the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without due process of law.
  • Created, and was named to, the new position of Oakland County liaison to the state and local government surveillance centers operating in Lansing and Detroit to ensure the protection of our citizens’ personal liberties by investigating their privacy practices.
  • Passed resolution supporting the opt out of smart meter installations without penalty.


Rule of Law

  • Passed resolution booting out all Oakland County contractors and vendors who were using illegal labor, creating hundreds of jobs for our U.S. citizens.
  • Passed Oakland County Commission objection to the use of National Association of Counties dues and resources to advocate on behalf of an amnesty program.
  • Debated a panel of 11 professors, attorneys, and a foreign ambassador at Oakland University on enforcing U.S. immigration policy.
  • Debated state house bills related to immigration enforcement at the first hearing of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission in 6 years.


Creating Government Efficiencies

  • Passed a resolution to competitively bid out a previous no-bid discount prescription program, saving money for local citizens. The new program selected was scored by the county purchasing department as an improvement in every single category.
  • Passed resolution supporting legislation making lottery winners ineligible for public assistance.
  • Passed a unanimous resolution for a feasibility study to find water and sewer alternatives for Oakland County to prevent our county rate payers from being forced to bailout billions for Detroit’s general fund.
  • Created the first user friendly Friend of the Court (FOC) webpage to facilitate the filing of complaints  against the Friend of the Court by sending complaints directly to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee; the grievance committee Jim was responsible for creating at the county.

Making a Difference

  • Passed resolution recognizing October as Respect Life Month honoring groups like Right to Life for reducing the number of abortions annually.
  • Created the midwest’s very first county Veteran Internship Program at Oakland County to help veterans transition into the civilian workplace to help returning vets find civilian employment.
  • Put his own life on hold to marshal through emergency funds to repair the control structure of the Lake Neva Lake Dam before imminent collapse that endangered many local communities.
  • Created the first Oakland County Victims’ Rights Services Distinction Award.