Jim Runestad

It’s clear from Jim’s record that jobs are his top priority. Jim agrees with Henry David Thoreau’s famous quote, which said: “That government is best that governs least”, but he believes that while government should not try to “create jobs”, it should endeavor to “create an environment” that will allow private industry to thrive and create jobs.

Shortly after being elected to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Jim took the lead on requiring the County’s use of “E-Verify”, to make sure that companies contracted to do work for the county are only hiring “legal” workers; and that means more jobs for the residents of Oakland County!

E-Verify may seem like a “tough issue” to some politicians, but to Commissioner Runestad it was an easy decision; just do the right thing!

After passing E-Verify at the County level, Runestad now wants to take the fight to Lansing and build a pro-jobs coalition to support and pass E-Verify legislation at the state level!

It’s more important than ever to remain vigilant about our constitutionally established liberties. Among these threatened are our 2nd Amendment rights and the rights of the unborn. But, additionally we have seen in recent news coverage the scandalous behavior by the IRS targeting political opponents, the National Security Agency (NSA) capturing every email and the phone records of millions of innocent Americans, and the Obama government seizing the personal phone records of media reporters. The endless expansion and massive power of government is spiraling completely out of control. Our Founding Fathers understood that this day of federal usurpation might well arrive and included the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights to protect the concept of Federalism and “States Rights” and the 4th Amendment against illegal search and seizure. Jim Runestad is a strong supporter of all the Bill of Rights and adherence to the whole Constitution. Jim will fight to protect the personal liberties of Michigan’s citizens from the ever-increasing size and scope of progressing federal government overreach.

To protect the tax-paying citizens of Michigan, we must ensure that those living and working here are here legally. Michigan’s international border with Canada is second in length only to Alaska!  Jim is committed to working with the Federal government to prevent illegal entry, as well as smuggling across this border. Illegal immigration impacts Michigan’s jobs market, lost tax revenue, and crime.